April 15, 2006

Parents and Children

How do godly parents end up with rebellious children? There are no easy answers. 

The parents’ firsthand knowledge of God never became more than secondhand 

Information to the children. Through oversight or neglect, the parents never 

challenged their children to discover how God could be real in their own lives. 

God has no spiritual grandchildren.  Each new generation must respond to 

Him personally, and find him to be all sufficient for their needs. Think back 

over the times God has shown himself real in your life, Parents are you 

denying your children those same vital learning experiences?  Children, 

are you resisting your parents’ efforts to show you the reality of faith in God? 

Is everybody to busy to go to Church?  Either way you lose!  Remember 

God corrects those he loves. 


Read: Proverb 22:6 

         Proverb: 3:11-12