October 31, 2008

Trust and Sleep

We must trust God to turn any disaster into a dawning of hope. Don’t  sleep on a problem, sleep in spite of a problem. Read: Psalm 127:2 (click on link below to view today’s Scripture). Have a blessed week end and remember GO TO CHURCH!


October 30, 2008

Believe In Yourself

Even when others are not sure of you, take a step of faith and believe in yourself. Read: Isaiah 30:15 (clink on link below for today’s Scripture).


October 29, 2008


We’ve all made mistakes. Ignoring them could cause you to make them again. It’s wise to claim you did and wiser to move on after you’ve made that claim. Read: James 5:16 (click on link below to view today’s Scripture).


October 28, 2008

Think Again

Does anything in your life seem impossible? Think again, get with God and win.  Read: Luke 18:27 (click on link below to view today’s Scripture).


October 24, 2008

It Takes More

It really takes more than money, hard-work, goals and effort to get and keep success.  It also takes wisdom. Read: Ecclesiastes 7:12 (clink on link below to view today’s Scripture).  Now have a blessed week-end and remember GO TO CHURCH!


October 23, 2008

Enjoy Success

In order to truly enjoy success get rid of greed an self indulgence, keep them far from you. Read: Hebrews 13:18 (clink on link below to view today’s Scripture). 


October 22, 2008

Stop Looking Back

What God has made is specifically designed to overcome. Stop looking back and move forward. Read: Philippians 3:13 (clink on link below to view today’s Scripture).


October 21, 2008


There is almost always away to simplify a task. Make what you’re doing efficient and consistent by making it simple,. Read: I Corinthians 1:26-29 (click on link below to view the Scripture).


October 20, 2008

Before Being Critical

A caterpillar doesn’t look like a butterfly in the beginning. Before being critical look for God in others and try loving them first.  Read: I John 4:7 (click on link below to view today’s Scripture).


October 17, 2008


Today re-prioritize your life. Stop and smell the roses. Learn to live while you’re living. Read: Psalm 39:4-6 (click on link below to view today’s Scripture).