October 31, 2010


Don’t only watch what you say but watch the way you say it too. Read: Ephesian 4:29 (click on link below and read today’s Scripture).


October 30, 2010

Friendly Reminder

Remember the things your Father and Mother said to you and don’t be greedy for gain. Read: Proverbs 1:8,10,19 (click on link below and read today’s Scripture).


October 29, 2010

He Will

Even when you don’t know what to pray. Pray anyway sincerely,  God will put the words together from your heart and give you what you need. Read: Psalms 3:4 (click on link below and read today’s Scripture).


October 28, 2010


Like it or not, good or bad, indifferent or wonderful. God is in control of it all. Read: Isaiah 14:24,26-27 (click on link below and read today’s Scriptures).


October 27, 2010

On Time

Give all your troubles to God. He won’t sleep on them. He’ll take care of them right on time. Read: Psalms 121:3 (click on link below and read today’s Scripture).


October 26, 2010

Don’t Stoop

When others try to tear you down and speak ill of you don’t stoop to their level. Rejoice in who you are and who you are becoming. Read: Luke 6:22-23 (click on link below and read today’s Scripture).


October 25, 2010


You might have a reason to criticize another but don’t. Criticism is a result of judgement. Read: Matthew 7:1-2 (click on link below and read today’s Scripture).



October 24, 2010

Far Better

It is far better to put God first and let other things wait. Read: Matthew 6:33 (click on the link below and read today’s Scripture)


October 23, 2010

Conspiracy Theories

There are social, political and spiritual conspiracy theories all designed to generate fear.   Do not fear them and honor God.  Read: Isaiah 8:12-13 (click on link below and read today’s Scripture).


October 22, 2010

At All Times

Appreciate your true friends. They love at all times. Read: Proverbs 17:17 ( click on link below and read today’s Scripture). Now have a blessed week end and remember GO TO CHURCH!