April 14, 2006

The Cross

In Old Testament days, when a person brought an animal to the altar to be sacrificed, it symbolized the transfer of their sin 

to the animal. This allowed the person to be pure before God again. 

In the New Testament, the cross is the altar and JESUS is the sacrifice.  When he died on the cross, he transferred the sins of 

all people on himself, forever.  JESUS did this for you because He loves you. When you believe and accept that JESUS did this for 

you, then you can begin to have a close relationship with Him. All you have to do now is admit your sin to God and accept 

His forgiveness.  It is just that easy for you to be Saved! 

Read: Colossian 1:19-22, 2:14           I Peter 1:18-19, 2:24 

          1 John 3:16           Romans 10: 9-10