April 28, 2006

Strive For Excellance

To have an excellent life, strive for an excellent year. 

Within that year, strive for an excellent month, and 

within that month, strive for an excellent week, and 

then  strive for an excellent day. Within 

the day, strive for an excellent hour. An excellent life 

is the sum of many excellent moments. It’s the 

little things in life that determine the big things. 

Strive for Excellence this week-end and remember 

go to Church. 


 Be the best that you can be! 


Read: Matthew 25:21 


April 26, 2006

Be A Light

When someone comes across an individual, who is at peace, 

free of fear and worry, fulfilled and genuinely happy, no one 

has to tell them that something is missing from their lives. 

Ours may be a mad, bad, sad world, but it is not blind. And 

It is certainly not unreachable. The non-Christian world may be 

lost and running on empty but they are not unaware of their 

surroundings. So let your light shine before all men, women 

and children; let them see your good works and glorify 

your Father which is in heaven.  Be a light! 


Read: Matthew 5:16 

         Romans 2:19 

April 25, 2006

Just Call

Drugs are a tragedy in our world just like sin. They have 

destroyed so many lives. For some people it isn’t 

something they are attracted to, it is something they are 

addicted to. Like any evil if it’s not cleaned out of our 

lives it can kill you.  Often times we ignore the 

ramifications of sin, addiction or any evil work. Before 

we know it we are passed the point of no return but 

God said stop; just call. The time to turn around is 

now!  God can and will deliver you from every infirmity. 

Just call and believe. There is nothing to hard for GOD! 


Read: Psalms 145:18-19 

April 24, 2006


Too many of us live for revenge. We hold grudges, 

letting them burn inside, then they explode into 

damaging ourselves internally breaking out in 

dis-ease which brings diseases. “Vengeance is 

mine, saith the Lord.” When someone wrongs you, your 

responsibility is to forgive, not to punish. If someone 

has done an injustice to you, God will call that person 

to answer for his/her actions.  Nothing good can come 

from a spirit of revenge. It is through forgiveness that 

God can move mightily on your behalf. 


Read: Romans 12:19-21 

          Deuteronomy 32:35 

          Psalms 91:2-3 

April 21, 2006

Continue to…

Even though we are in the Palm of God’s hands and know it, 

These things we must do. Continue to serve others with 

gladness, Continue to give to the rich and the poor, Always 

walk in love towards everybody. As we continue in these 

things men and women and boys and girls will come to 

know God by our actions! Let’s continue to have fun 

serving God!!! Have a blessed week end and 

Remember go to Church. 


Read: 3 John 1:4 

Choose Wisdom

We are terribly enamored by the surface, the superficial impresses 

us much more than we’d like to admit. When we look for people 

to admire they are usually attractive, heroes, successful 

people. We are often swayed or impressed by things that 

are cause for boasting.  But GOD says, “That’s not the 

way I make my choices. I choose the nobodies and turn them 

into somebodies.”  Let’s select good Character over good looks. 


Read: I Samuel 13:14 


April 19, 2006

Be At Peace

There is great joy in accepting the place GOD has assigned us among his people. Confusion and divisions come when we write our own job descriptions. 

A sense of contentment and belonging comes when we discover our niche. No ministry or job should be seen as a small thing, for GOD has given a 

special ministry only to you.  Have you been called to carry, then carry with joy and pride, if it is swiping then swipe or running a Nation then 

run it. Do all to the glory of God and be at peace. 

Read: I Corinthians 12:4-6 

April 18, 2006

Go For Your Potential

It takes courage to leave a position you consider safe 

and launch out in a new direction. But without taking 

a risk you can never realize your potential or know 

all GOD created you to be. You cannot discover new 

oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of 

the shore. Go for your full potential and be blessed. 


Read: Matthew 14:29 


April 15, 2006

Parents and Children

How do godly parents end up with rebellious children? There are no easy answers. 

The parents’ firsthand knowledge of God never became more than secondhand 

Information to the children. Through oversight or neglect, the parents never 

challenged their children to discover how God could be real in their own lives. 

God has no spiritual grandchildren.  Each new generation must respond to 

Him personally, and find him to be all sufficient for their needs. Think back 

over the times God has shown himself real in your life, Parents are you 

denying your children those same vital learning experiences?  Children, 

are you resisting your parents’ efforts to show you the reality of faith in God? 

Is everybody to busy to go to Church?  Either way you lose!  Remember 

God corrects those he loves. 


Read: Proverb 22:6 

         Proverb: 3:11-12