March 31, 2006


Speak out for those things you believe to be true 

and good. If you remain silent, others may take 

your silence as agreement for their position, 

which may not be at all what you believe. As 

an old saying goes if you don’t stand for 

something you’ll fall for anything. Let 

your confession of faith stand. 


Read Isaiah 7:9 (NIV) 


Have a great week-end and 

remember go to Church! 

March 28, 2006

Rarely Convenient

The demands that LOVE places upon 

the heart is rarely convenient or moderate. 

But as GOD is always there for us 

we must be available to our friends 

when they need us. 


Read: Proverb: 18:24 

         Psalm:  54:7 

March 24, 2006

Try It

Try Getting with God. 

It requires that we learn the value 

of quietness, slowing down, coming 

apart from noise and the speed of today’s 

pace. Broadening our lives with a 

view of the eternal. It means saying 

no to more and more 

activities that increase in speed; 

taking us further and further 

away from time with GOD. 

Knowing GOD requires that 

we be still. Try it! 


Read Psalm 46:10 


Now have a Blessed week-end 

And remember  go to Church 


March 23, 2006

Choose Wisely

A scorpion is going to sting you. A snake is going to bite you. 

Love is going to Love you. Study the character of a person 

Before you make them a friend. The stage on which their 

Character plays is going to be your life!  Your companions 

Are like the buttons on an elevator. They will either take 

You up or they will take you down.  Choose wisely. 


He who walks with wise men will be wise, But 

The companion of fools will be destroyed. 


Read: Proverbs 13:20 


March 22, 2006


Discipline is one of the most dreaded terms 

today…right alongside patience and self- 

control. But have you noticed how often it 

comes up in testimonies of those who win? 

   No runner completes the training or race without it. 

   No human body is kept fit without it 

   No temptation is overcome without it. 

If you want to put a stop to mediocrity, to replace 

Excuses with fresh determination….you need 

 DISCIPLINE. Be diligent, disciplined 

and you will become an achiever. 

It is never  to late; start today! 


Read: Job 36:10-11 

         Colossians 1:10-11 


March 21, 2006


The test of our calling in Christ is not how 

well we do before the public, on stage, in 

front of the camera or in church on Sunday. 

It’s how carefully we cover the basis Monday 

through Saturday when there’s nobody to 

check up on us, when nobody is looking. 

If you want to be a person with a large 

Vision, you must cultivate the habit of 

Doing the little things well at all times. 

Even when you’re home alone. GOD 

Is always watching, wanting to show 

Himself strong on our behalf. 


Read: Luke 16:10-11 

          II Chronicles 16:9 

March 20, 2006

Such A Time As This


God wants to use you right where you are.  

HIS guidance isn’t just for your next big decision; 

HE had a purpose in placing you where you are 

this moment.  Look at your current circumstances 

as a calling from GOD. Serve and obey HIM in the 

little things today. GOD has placed you her for 

such a time as this. 


Read: Esther 4:14 

          Jeremiah 17:7-8 


March 19, 2006

Always There

Remember, you never go anywhere that 

GOD is not right there with you.  It is 

good to know that we are never out 

of the LORD’S sight. HE watches 

all of our comings and goings. There 

is absolutely no place that we can go 

that GOD will not be also. HIS hand 

is always on our shoulder, and HE 

watches all our steps. 



Read: Proverb 5:21 


March 18, 2006

In One Word

Do the places you go, the friends you choose, 

and the TV programs you watch expose you 

to wrongdoing, iniquity, vice, wickedness, evil 

or in one word sin? Do they encourage you to drink alcohol, 

 smoke, cheat, swear, or disobey 

what’s right? If so, you are in great danger. You 

need to avoid these kinds of influences or you may 

fall into sin. Avoid exposure to wrongdoing, iniquity, 

vice, wickedness, evil or in one word sin. Sin 

Has one destination, death. God created you for 

Life and life more abundantly! Choose life!!! 


Read: Proverb 4:14-19 

          John 10:10 

March 17, 2006

Show It

Who knows which person might be impacted by 

your act of kindness today? What seems little to 

you may be great in the eyes of a person in need 

of love. Let us show LOVE today. It is good to be 

a Christian and know it, but it’s better to be a 

Christian and show it!  Have a blessed week-end 

and remember go to Church. 



Read: John 13:35