August 31, 2006


Silence can be used to nurture pouting, 

Anger and hatred. A far better use for silence 

Is reflecting, meditating and listening.  It is 

Only when we are truly silent before the Lord 

That we can hear His still small voice speaking 

To our souls. The first step to wisdom is silence; 

The second is listening. 


Read: Proverbs 1:5 


August 30, 2006


The trouble with gossip is not so much 

that it is spoken as an intended lie, 

but that it is heard as if it was the 

absolute truth. Just because a tale 

may have been repeated many times 

by so-called reliable sources doesn’t 

necessarily make it true. Frankly the 

one who throws dirt is the one that 

loses ground. 


Read:  Ephesians 4:25 


August 29, 2006

Be Swift

Ignorance is always swift to speak. 

Until you know why someone is 

acting the way they do, it’s better 

not to criticize them. Until you know 

who has told them to act, it’s better 

not to attempt to stop them. It is 

So much better to learn from others’ 

mistakes rather than making them all 

Yourself. Be swift to hear!!! 


Read: James 1:19 

          Proverbs 12:15 


August 25, 2006

True Greatness

Only the road of humble service 

Leads us to true greatness. 


Read:  I Peter 5:6-7 


Now have a productive week-end and remember GO To Church! 

August 24, 2006

What We Need

For today what we need most is a 

steady stream of love flowing from 

one to another. Love that quickly 

forgives and willingly overlooks 

and refuses to take offense. 

True Love never fails to Love. 


Read: I John 4:11 


August 23, 2006

Turn Up Your Sleeves

The one who is waiting for something 

To turn up might start with their on 

sleeves. Hoping for change rarely 

brings about change. Work, however, 

generally does! 


Read: Proverbs 14:23 


August 22, 2006

It Is Not Easy

It isn’t easy to do the will of God when His will for us 

Is difficult or involves suffering.  It isn’t easy to say 

no to a relationship or job, even when we know it 

is not God’s will for us. It isn’t easy to say yes 

to a difficult step or move across the world, even 

when we know it is God’s will.  We learn to 

be strong in doing God’s will not just knowing 

His will. At the end of the day it may not 

be easy but God promises that we will have 

great joy in doing His will. 


Psalms 40:8 

August 21, 2006

Showing You Care

Do you know someone who is hurting? You can demonstrate 

God’s love by showing them that you care. Smile at that 

person. Talk to them. Pray for them. Share something from 

God’s Word. Try to heal at least one hurt this week. Love 

eases pain. 


Read: I Peter 3:8 

August 18, 2006


Just as a painting proves the existence 

And ability of a painter, creation proves 

the existence and ability  of God. 


Have a great week-end and 

Remember to go to Church! 


Read: Psalm 19-1-2 

August 17, 2006


If you walk in integrity you’ll do 

 right and shun evil. Integrity 

makes you do the right thing! 

Job had many trails and God 

rewarded him with much goodness 

which is the end of the story 

because he held on to his 

integrity. A good example to 



Read: Job 2:3 

         Job 27:3-6 

         Proverb 11:3 

         Proverb 19:1