June 30, 2006



It is right to deal with bad attitudes from 

your children, Spouse, Friends and 

Co-Workers too with strong correction. 

When you see a good attitude from 

Someone be sure to reward them quickly 

and build them up. Now in order to do that we must 

be a consistent role model with our own 

Attitudes being right; walking in Love. 


Read: Proverbs 22:4 


Have a blessed and safe holiday 

And remember go to Church! 


June 29, 2006

Audacious Love

No matter what you do, how far you fall, 

or how ugly you become, God has a relentless, 

undying, unfathomable, unquenchable love from 

which you cannot be separated. HE has an 

audacious love for you. So rejoice! 


Read: Romans 8:38-39 


June 28, 2006

Know It All

The only fool bigger than the person 

who knows it all is the person who 

argues with him.  There’s no point 

in arguing with know-it-all people.  

Better to let them have their say 

and walk on. 


Read: Proverbs 9:7 


June 27, 2006

A Friend

No matter what a person may have done- 

no matter their character flaws- Jesus 

loves them…the friend or family member 

who disappoints you or frustrates you… 

Jesus loves…hey He loves you too. 

Jesus is a friend who knows all your 

faults and still loves you anyway. 

Let’s follow his example. 


Read: Romans 5:8 

June 26, 2006

Bring Out The Best

There are many tests of friendship. But perhaps the ultimate 

test lies in how effective the relationship is in bringing each 

friend closer to God. Do we avoid putting our friends in the 

way of temptations? Or are we encouraging moral and 

ethical development? We must strive to achieve the grace 

necessary to bring out the best in our friends and to do all 

we can to bring them ever closer to GOD! 


Read: Psalm 37: 4 

         Psalm 37: 29-31 


June 23, 2006


It has been said “the one concern of the devil is to keep 

Christians from praying”. The feeblest saint on earth who 

keeps right with GOD paralyzes the darkness when they 

pray. That’s why the devil tries to keep our minds fussy 

in active work until we cannot think to pray. Busyness 

is also the number one killer of relationships; no time 

to fellowship. Today and forever right now stop and 

pray for your spouse, family, friends, co-workers, your 

Nation. Pray for your enemies and don’t forget to 

pray for yourself too!  If you become to busy to 

pray you’ve become to busy! 


Have a blessed week-end and remember 



Read: I Thessalonians 5:17 

          I Timothy 2:1-4 


June 22, 2006

Like A Kite

Don’t let a difficult time box you in. 

Let it drive you to Jesus. True faith 

and courage are like a kite… an 

opposing wind raises it higher. 


Please read: Isaiah 40:31 


June 21, 2006

Don’t Force It

Do not force what is wrong to be right! 

When it comes to Love and Life be careful. 

Before you walk down any Isle or paths 

take a good long look around.  Make 

sure this is God’s intended place for 

You; and if you suspect it is not, 

get out quickly. Don’t force what 

is wrong to be right!!! 


Read: Proverbs 3:6 

         Proverbs 4:5-8 


June 20, 2006


Following God doesn’t make everything easy. 

In fact, the more important a task is, the more 

Satin will throw up roadblocks. Don’t give up 

just because the going gets rough. Keep 

moving forward boldly; your faith will be 

strengthened as you obey God in your 

daily choices. You will be able to step 

out in stronger faith whenever God calls you. 

Weapons may be formed against you but 

They will not prosper. 


Read:  Psalm 118:6 

          I Chronicles 28:20 

          Isaiah 54:17 


June 19, 2006

Right Reason

If we do things simply for the appreciation they bring to ourselves, 

then we are doing them for the wrong reasons. It’s a sad thing that 

some people need attention and acceptance so much that they 

give it to themselves rather than allowing others to give it to them. 

We should give our gifts and talents because it is pleasing to 

God. God has given  us many fine abilities and it is important 

that we remember to use them for His Service and for His 

Glory not caring whether, we receive praise or not. Giving 

For the right reasons bring great rewards from God. 


Read: Matthew 5:16