January 25, 2006

Temper Temper

Your temper is like a fire. It gets very destructive when it gets out of control. One of the most common
expressions used to describe the situation is to
“fly off the handle”. Think of a hammer head coming
loose from its handle. Several things happen as a
First, the hammer becomes useless. No longer good
for work. In like manner when a person looses his
temper, he looses his effectivenesss.
Second, the hammerhead twirling out of control is likely to cause some type of damage. The same
way a bad temper damages physically and nearly always emotionally those who feel they are victims
of uncontrolled wrath.
Thirdly, the repair of both the hammer and the resulting damage takes time. The person who loses his temper may recover quickly, but the other one who is the victim of a hot temper rarely recovers as quickly.
Keep your temper today. Nobody else wants it. Rather reach for the best and fulfill your potential.
Read: Proverb 25:28