July 3, 2015

Meet My Constant Companions

I love my dogs. Going through the loss of a pet is never easy, and while nothing can replace one that you’ve lost, having other pets around sure does help lessen the hurt. Blessing is forever in my heart. She was a true joy in my life.

Peace joined our family when she was just 6 weeks old, and she has brought me such happiness! She is all about playtime. It’s been fun to watch her breathe youthful, new life into her older sister, Victory, too. All of my dogs’ names came to me in my spirit. Blessing, well, she was a blessing to me; Peace came to me during a time when I needed peace; and Victory came to me because of her tough, regal personality – but she’s still my teddy bear!

My Rottweiler “teddy bears,” as I call them, are true pack animals; they are warm and so loving. The best thing about owning Rottweilers is their loyalty to you; they just want to be with you and make you smile.
Next year we plan to let Peace have one litter of puppies. I’ve never had a litter with any of my dogs before, so I’m so excited to see how this new adventure will unfold.