December 18, 2015

31 Years of Marriage Blessings

Today I am celebrating 31 beautiful years of marriage with my husband, Robert! In honor of this milestone I wanted to share some of the things I have learned about marriage over the years. Marriage is a wonderful gift that beautifully reflects our relationship with the Father and the connection that we share with Him. That is why I believe being best friends with your spouse is crucial to having a happy marriage. My husband and I still love each other dearly and we know that no matter what may come our way, we are always on each other’s side because that is what we committed to when we said ‘I do’. It is so important to love one another as Christ loves His Church, to be willing to die to yourself in order for your relationship to flourish.rainaanniversary

Often times when my husband and I disagree, we agree to put the matter on the shelf as soon as we feel it is hindering our connection with one another. Instead of acting upon frustration and anger, we wait until we can talk about the issue with love for one another and an open heart to listen and understand the other person’s perspective. Marriage is not about having a winner and a loser but rather fighting for connection and for one another so that both parties feel successful, loved, connected, and honored. When we place the Lord at the center of our world and live to honor Him and His purpose for our lives, God will always bless us. When He is at the center of marriage and both individuals are willing to put Him first, He will work the rest out for their good every time.


August 3, 2015

Morsels of Kindness Gathering

Recently, some dear friends of mine opened up their home to me and gave me a Morsels of Kindness gathering. They asked me to show up with my books and what happened next was truly awesome. God gave me the opportunity to share a Morsel of Kindness with each person present and God blessed them each with a special word just for them. It was amazing and humbling at the same time. I enjoyed the opportunity to be present with them during this time.

What a blessing to share my Morsels.

My friend Pat, of Pat’s Delites, made delicious mini “morsel” desserts for the guests at the end of the event. Though it was difficult, God blessed me with some strong will power to resist the temptation to eat them all! If you’d like to follow Pat Delites, you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

God is so good!

Thanks, Pat’s Delites!